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Lietuvos grunto temperaturos nera pateikiamos nei RSN 156-94, nei Meteonorm duomenu bazese, bet grunto temperaturos skirtingame gylyje Kauno miestui yra pateikiamos IWEC duomenu bazeje, taciau paciame klimata apibudinanciame dokumente tiksliai nurodoma, kad jos negali buti taikomos nuostoliams per grunta skaiciuoti.
However, to make a comparison of all 121 combinations of heat pump sizes (between 5 kW and 15 kW) and borehole depths (100-300m) we decided to use PSEF-B with the PGM model; heating loads are calculated with the IWEC weather year.
The difference between the calculated heat demand values, using climate data of RSN 156-94 (1995) and IWEC source (2010), is 2.
found that when a typical weather year is chosen as outlined by TMY and IWEC protocol from 3 0 years of observed weather data, the resulting peak energy demand analyses differ by at most 5%.
El cerebro de la operacion fue el Presidente de la ITT, Sosthenes Behn, quien atraido hasta Espana por Gumersindo Rico, Director-Gerente de la delegacion comercial que la IWEC tenia en Madrid, concibio la creacion de una empresa de capital enteramente espanol y accionariado formado, exclusivamente, por personajes nacionales muy influyentes.
In the second part of the study on the effect of differing periods of record in matching the design values of a subsequent period of record, only 60 of the TMY2 locations and 46 of the IWEC locations are used that contained the needed 50 years of record.
It was then on to Ffos Las in Wales where McCoy won on It's A Doddle (7-2) for JP McManus and Jonjo O'Neill in the IWEC Electrical Novices' Hurdle, with victory only looking likely in the final 100 yards.
Pastato energiniam modeliavimui atlikti buvo panaudoti Kauno tipiniu meteorologiniu metu klimatiniai duomenys, ivesti i tarptautinio meteorologijos duomenu tinklo IWEC (angl.
The modeled office building was simulated for a typical year in a representative hot climate using the Abu Dhabi IWEC weather data.
To account for realistic, continuous forecasting model operation, the previous two months of the yearly IWEC data were used as training data and the third month as unseen testing data in the appraisal of seasonal forecasting performance: the spring evaluation used January and February for training data and March for testing forecasting performance, the summer evaluation used April and May for training and June for testing, and so forth in the fall and winter seasons.
2010) compared simulation results using a variety of typical weather year selection approaches (TMY, IWEC, and TMY2) and those obtained by averaging the results for 30 years for ten U.
McCoy doubled up with a cheeky success on The Bear Trap (11-2) for Rebecca Curtis in the IWEC Electrical Handicap Hurdle.