IWESInternational Workshop on Emergent Synthesis
IWESInstitute of Women and Ethnic Studies (New Orleans, LA)
IWESInternational Wushu Exchange Society (martial arts)
IWESImpact of Waste Emissions on Soils (Institute for Environment and Sustainability)
IWESInternational Work Experience Scholarship (Brigham Young University-Hawaii)
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Located in one of the "TOP 10" innovation regions in Europe, they find ample labor availability and with the completion of Kassel University's IWES (Frauenhofer -Institution for Wind Energy and Energy System Technologies) this year, it will have an additional institute to support future-oriented technologies.
Fraunhofer IWES DYNALAB,135/755 648-18 low-voltage and lightning protection systems
ZSW has been cooperating with Fraunhofer IWES and SolarFuel GmbH to maximize the technology and develop an effective industrial scale solution.