IWFAInternational Window Film Association
IWFAInternational Women's Fishing Association
IWFAInternational Wholesale Furniture Association
IWFAIterative Water-Filling Algorithm
IWFAIrish Woodworkers for Africa (sustainable development; natural resources)
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This SINR value is considered as an objective function for the IWFA to allocate the optimal power to each user.
This section evaluates the performance of the power control and grouping algorithm using IWFA solution.
The power allocation scheme to enhance the capacity is optimized by IWFA in the presence of imperfect CSI.
The benefit of IWFA in power control and user grouping is significant.
"Without a doubt, window film offers an enormous potential for energy savings in the California market and consumers may not need to replace their windows at all," said Darrell Smith, executive director of the IWFA. "We hope that policy makers in other states will take California's lead and develop programs that encourage this extremely cost- effective solution for consumers," he added.
The analysis process will continue to mature the information exchanges supporting the IWFA communications requirements analysis and will inform the DoD Architecture System and the Army Architecture Repository and Management System, TRADOC Architecture Integration and Management Directorate for inclusion in the information exchange database after completing the Army Intelligence Center Proponent and Council of Colonels validation process.
In a recent letter to Florida attorneys and media outlets, the IWFA went as far as to say that in certain cases, statements used by companies, such as "hurricane proof," "are at best misleading to the public or, at worst, fraudulent."
Such frankness from the industry's body is partly the result of a backlash against window film manufacturers by producers of shutters and impact resistant glazes who are claiming coverings are ineffective; it's an opinion the IWFA wants quickly stamped out.
Drain plays her football with the Newtownabbey Strikers club in the Northern Ireland Women's League, a club she describes as one which could teach the IWFA "a few lessons".
For more information on the IWFA, visit their Web site, www.iwfa.org.
Martin of Southwall Technologies Inc., Palo Alto, is also a director of the International Window Film Association (IWFA), and is the chairman of the window film committee of the Association of Industrial Metalizers, Coaters, and Laminators (AIMCAL).