IWGDFInternational Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (The Netherlands)
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The IWGDF suggests that three levels of foot-care management are needed (Table I).
A locally developed Foot Assessment Sheet, based on the IWGDF criteria, is recommended (Fig.
Patients were classified into four risk groups according to IWGDF criteria.
KEYWORDS: Diabetic foot, Diabetic neuropathy, monofilaments, ABI, Diabetic foot, IWGDF criteria.
12,13 Factors such as age over 50 years, diabetes duration more than 10 years, fasting blood sugar above 200 mg/dl, level of education, and deformity were risk factors of neuropathy; and 70% of patients were classified as high risk for developing diabetic foot ulcer according to IWGDF criteria.
The purpose of this study was to assess risk factors for foot ulceration in patients with diabetes and the risk classification according to IWGDF (International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot) consensus14 in one of the reference diabetes centers in western south of Iran.
When the patient sensed and announced vibration, we checked the voltage and according to IWGDF criteria if it was more than 25 volts, it was reported as abnormal.
Table-III: Comparison of study variables based on IWGDF classification.
In this descriptive analytical study, patients were evaluated for diabetic foot ulcer risk factors and classified based on IWGDF criteria into four groups: 65% of patients were in group 0, 17% in group 1, 11% in group 2 and 7% in group 3.