IWGDSInstitute of Women, Gender and Development Studies (Arlington, VA)
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The IWGDS has held a workshop on Pathway to Wellbeing and Justice: Constructing a Concept of Women's Empowerment, on the 2nd of September, 2006 as part of its collaborative research with the Social Research Center, American University Cairo.
The IWGDS in collaboration with UNDP at AUW has celebrated the International Women's day for 100 years for Women's Education in Sudan.
The IWGDS in collaboration with the Free University of Berlin has organized a short International Course on "Women and Islam" in collaboration with a consortium of universities and hosted by Ahfad University for Women, during the period 18 September to 30 September 2005.
The IWGDS in collaboration with the WHO has organized the second regional training in "Gender and Rights in RH" in the period between the 19th of November to the 1st of December, 2005 which included participants from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Morocco, Afghanistan, Yemen and Sudan.
The Institute of Women, Gender and Development Studies(IWGDS) as stated above is providing an undergraduate course on Women's and gender studies to the different schools of AUW.
The engagement of IWGDS in the research activities is at different levels.
At this level, both academia and activism strategies are valid, hence networking at the level of international organizations in the country and the women's organizations is important With this strategy the IWGDS is able to address issues related to the challenges facing the Sudanese women such as war, displacement, environmental degradation, poverty, discriminatory laws and policies and social, economic and political rights as well as currently biased mindsets.
A paper presented in a conference on: Violence against women, 12-13 December 2006, organize by IWGDS at Ahfad University for Women on the occasion of the 16 Days of Activism for Ending Violence against Women, in the Sudanese Banks Union's Conference Hall; Khartoum/Sudan.