IWGPIkebukuro West Gate Park (novel and TV series)
IWGPInternational Wrestling Grand Prix
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Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, the reigning TNA and IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, will defend his worldwide reputation as "the greatest athlete in pro wrestling" against challenger Yuji Nagata, who holds the third- longest world title reign in IWGP history.
In Progress in Old World palaeoethnobotany, a book which appeared on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the IWGP, palaeoethnobotany is defined as 'the analysis and interpretation of archaeobotanical remains in order to provide information on the interactions of human populations and plants'.
Publication of this book took until 1991 (the same year the proceedings of the eighth IWGP symposium (Hajnalava 1991) came out), and consequently the light is not as new as it could have been.
Angle, who is New Japan's IWGP World Champion, is set to defend both titles against Japanese legend Yugi Nagata.