IWHInstitute for Work & Health
IWHInternet Warehouse
IWHInformation Warehouse
IWHIrish Wolfhound (dog breed)
IWHInstitute for Women's Health
IWHI Was Here
IWHInternationalen Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (German: International Science Forum Heidelberg; Germany)
IWHInstantaneous Water Heater
IWHInternational Working Holidays (New Zealand; employment agency)
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Thus, tenant reports to inspectors that premises have code violations and hence violate the IWH can, in theory, be a meaningful way to force action on the part of landlords.
If the participant is a landlord, the IWH and duty to disclose latent defects would provide an independent basis for requiring the disclosure of the presence of lead paint to existing or potential tenants.
There are also outstanding questions about qualitative aspects of IWH performance, such as increased time required for the water heater to produce hot water, minimum flow rate required to activate the burner, and "cold water sandwiches," which occur when hot water remains in the pipes from a previous draw when a new draw is initiated.
While the Bolivian government demanded documentation to prove that IWH controlled the company, the judges ruled that 'control' stemmed from 'ownership' and that "[i]f an investor can not ascertain whether their ownership of a locally incorporated vehicle for the investment will qualify for protection, then the effort of the BIT to stimulate investment will be frustrated" (para.
The LogicaCMG solution will also ensure compliance with the recommendations set in the BIS Core Principles, the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems' (CPSS), and the IWH / CMCA initiatives.
InstitutfurWirtschaftsforschung Halle - IWH Halle Institute for Economic Research.
NH Hoteles had installed IWH at their hotel sites on multiple client PCs," said Rene de Lange of Acropolis Automation, one of GraphOn's EMEA distributors based in the Netherlands.
I do also thank Hubert Gabrisch and other participants of the IWH research seminar for valuable discussion and comments as well as constructive criticism by two anonymous referees of this journal.
Wolfl (1998), Determinanten der Produktivitatslucke in Ostdeutschland -- Ergebnisse einer Tagung am IWH Teil II, Wirtschaft im Wandel 2/1998.
Prior to being named president at IWH, Weis was an executive vice president, focused on customer and partner relationship activities, including global account management, professional services, technical support and training.
Transformation und Finanzierung," IWH Halle, November 1992 (mimeo).