IWHCInternational Women's Health Coalition
IWHCIrish World Heritage Centre (est. 1984; UK)
IWHCInland Wilderness Hunt Club (San Diego, CA)
IWHCImproved Weapons Handling Capability
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I must also emphasize that none of this could have been done without the sustained leadership of some visionary and dedicated people, in particular Mahmoud Fathalla, who had the courage to conceive the idea and approach IWHC for the first dialogue meeting, Peter Hall and Joanne Spicehandler who initiated and carried out the work at the beginning, and Paul Van Look, who supported and helped sustain the work under his directorship from 1998 until his retirement in 2009.
IWHC was founded in 1984 to advance the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and young people, particularly adolescent girls, in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, and advocates for supportive international and USA policies, programmes and funding.
Division for the Advancement of Women, along with Adrienne Germaine from IWHC, gathered with other members of the movement to discuss ways they could gain recognition of a right to abortion through re-interpretation of treaties already binding on states with new meanings uttered in non-binding statements of the U.
By the time Joan stepped down in 1998, IWHC was playing a leading role in influencing government and UN agency policies to ensure that women's human rights were at the core of population policies.
Because so many of Joan's friends have asked what they can do in Joan's honour, IWHC has created the Joan B.
The authors are grateful to Susanna J Smith of IWHC for her assistance in the preparation of this paper.
To underscore the work of these innovative Young Visionaries, IWHC has launched an interactive web feature to showcase young leaders throughout the world and advocacy resources for young people and their allies.
The authors are grateful to Whitney Welshimer, Denise Hirao, Kate Bourne and Adrienne Germain of IWHC for their assistance in the preparation of this paper.
In preparation for this event, IWHC invited a group of colleagues and allies from around the world to write brief statements on what Beijing means to them.
Tenders are invited for Package - 38 1) Generals Repairs to Social welfare Hostels Boys Chegunta (V&M) 2) Generals Repairs to IWHC Toopran (V&M) Medak District 3) Generals Repairs to Social welfare Hostels Girls Wadiyaram (V) Chegunta (M) 4) Generals Repairs to Social welfare Hostels Boys Doulthabad (V&M) in Medak district.
2ndcall)- for (13) C/o IWHC at Madakasira (V&M) in Ananthapur Dist-Rs168.