IWHMInternational Women and Health Meeting
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The primary outcome of the study was the proportion of patients who indicated that they believed they were taking true IWHM. Secondary outcomes included the palatability of the true and placebo tinctures.
64% of the placebo group indicated that they believed they had consumed true IWHM, compared with 60% of the true IWHM group.
The findings from the present study indicate that the placebo tinctures were non-inferior to the true IWHM tinctures in terms of participants' ability to correctly identify them as herbal tinctures by their taste, smell and appearance.
In an effort to address these troubling realities, the 9th IWHM was organized around three themes: sexual and reproductive rights; violence against women (state and family); and environmental health.
These statements should be taken to heart by the movement as a whole, but it should also be noted that several of the objectives of the 9th IWHM explicitly emphasized these very needs:
As Esperanza Ceron, the General Coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network, stressed in her presentation at the 9th IWHM, confronting these complicated and sensitive situations within the movement itself is one of the most significant challenges facing the women's health movement today.
A number of calls to action covering a wide range of issues were also promoted by IWHM participants.
We hope that these many moving petitions will be collected and facilitated by the 9th IWHM coordinators as part of their follow-up process.
Considering the context of the IWHM, the attendance of 30 women at the Lesbian Caucus exceeded our expectations.
* Include two lesbian activists on the International Advisory Committee to aid in the planning of the 10th IWHM.