IWHSIowa Women's Health Study
IWHSIncarnate Word High School
IWHSIncarnate Word Health Services (hospital system; San Antonio, TX)
IWHSIgnite Web Hosting Services (UK)
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The IWHS cohort has been followed for vital status and cancer incidence annually and data from the cohort baseline until 31st December 2010 was used for the current analysis.
From the IWHS participants, 23,039 women were included in the current study with survey responders excluded if at cohort baseline (time of completion of the original survey) there was a history of cancer (except non-melanoma skin cancer), history of hysterectomy, incomplete dietary information, or extreme dietary intake defined as <600 or >5000kcal/day.
To find the links between colorectal cancer and diabetes, the researchers worked with regional pathology laboratories to obtain tumor tissue samples from IWHS participants who were diagnosed with colorectal cancer.