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Targeting the single and multi-processor AMD Opteron-based professional computing markets, IWILL and Tyan have selected NVIDIA nForce3 Professional MCPs for their highly integrated, single-chip design, and advanced features and functionality, including hardware-optimized security solutions, system stability, and IT manageability.
We are thrilled to have partners of such high caliber as IWILL and Tyan -- two leading suppliers of motherboard solutions to the retail channel and OEM professional markets," said Drew Henry, general manager of platform business at NVIDIA.
IWILL and Tyan will display an x86 networking motherboard with the NITROX(R) security processor.
Our work with AMD is a testament to our joint innovation that delivers dual-core processing to our customers so they can achieve higher performance-per-watt in server and workstation environments," said Rover Chen, product marketing director, IWILL Corporation.
Leading Hardware ODM and Software companies: IWILL, Nexcom, Montavista, Intoto and Wind River will also present powerful solutions that complement Cavium Networks silicon and enable rapid time to market for customers.