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IWJInternational Wound Journal
IWJInterfaith Worker Justice (Chicago, IL)
IWJInternet Writing Journal (online magazine)
IWJInternational Women in Jazz (Hollis, NY)
IWJIndigenous Women for Justice
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Construction is the deadliest industry in the United States, resulting in more than 1,200 fatalities in 2007, and the IWJ report found numerous instances of unsafe working conditions at Pulte operations.
Helm, currently president of IWJ, was named US Jazz Ambassador for 1998-99 by the US Information Agency/Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and toured East Africa.
Perhaps too IWJ realised that his lack of charisma didn't cut him out to be a national leader.
I don't imagine that constituencies have been asked to nominate, especially as IWJ talked about a two-year period," sniffs one.
The new IWJ wellhead platform, weighing approximately 1,100 metric tons, will be fabricated at J.
IWJ - THE WELSH BUSINESS VERDICT JANET JONES, CHAIRWOMAN OF THE FEDERATION OF SMALL BUSINESSES (FSB) IN WALES: "The introduction of the Economic Renewal Programme will be the legacy of Ieuan Wyn Jones as Economic Development Minister in the Assembly term, and the FSB has raised numerous concerns that the programme will benefit larger business to the detriment of the majority of indigenous Welsh business.
IWJ will retain the economic brief as long as Plaid remains in government; the party will also keep heritage so Rhodri Glyn Thomas is safe, especially as he's pleasantly surprised many in Labour with his competence as well as his willingness to take decisions against his own party's grass roots (such as with the Welsh-language newspaper).
As someone who has actively supported IWJ, I feel he and his colleagues have acted in a cowardly fashion in regards to this issue.
the opposition: ``IDS leads the Tories in Westminster and then there's IWJ who leads the nation-alists in Wales.