IWLANInterworking Wlan
IWLANInterworking Wireless Local Area Network
IWLANIndustrial Wireless Local Area Network
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The user can choose expansion modules for Simatic ET 200pro IWLAN as usual from the range of Simatic ET 200pro modules.
The new interface module is integrated in the communication network as an IWLAN client via an IWLAN access point, such as the Scalance W access point from Siemens.
IntelliNet's IWLAN mobile data offload solutions have already been deployed by two major network operators, one in Europe and one in Asia and we just received another order for a South American operator, which we will install in March," added Mr.
Our core convergence and data offload solutions include the femtocell gateway, IWLAN gateway and security gateway.
The IP-CNP with XM[TM] solution is a complete, standards-compliant solution based on 3GPP IWLAN and VCC standards.
The objective for the SA-WLAN (seamless access WLAN) campaign is to take steps towards the deployment of IWLAN /EAP-SIM based roaming between the participating GSMA operators.
IWLAN allows end users to authenticate their access to WiFi networks using their cell-phone providers' SIM cards and maintain secure access over WiFi to all of the existing applications provided by Cingular today, along with the new IMS applications.
In our analysis of multiple fixed mobile convergence solutions providers, we selected Azaire based on its product leadership with the first 3GPP-compliant IWLAN Fixed Mobile Convergence solution, early customer traction with more than 10 deployments worldwide and outstanding leadership team.