IWMAIntegrated Waste Management Authority
IWMAIrish Waste Management Association
IWMAInternational Working Men’s Association
IWMAInternational Wire & Machinery Association
IWMAIron Wolf Martial Arts
IWMAIntegrated Waste Management Account
IWMAInternational Workshop on Max-Algebra
IWMAInternational Water Mist Association
IWMAIntegrated Waste Management Act of 1989
IWMAInterim Watershed Mitigation Addendum
IWMAImporters, Wholesalers and Manufacturers Association
IWMAIdentical-Waveform Multiple-Access
IWMAInternational Workshop on Modern Acoustics
IWMAIntegrated WDM Monitor Array
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The first, "Organisations and Debates," contains six essays about the context of emergence and the organizational nature of the IWMA, with themes spanning-from the Paris Commune to the General Council's role in English labour politics to the machinery question.
In a statement, the IWMA said a year's transition period to the new system would "help householders better understand how waste charges are calculated".
The products made by members of IWMA can injure both users and bystanders if they are improperly used.
The International Working-Men's Association (IWMA) did 'very useful [and] very necessary' work by spreading 'the theoretical propaganda of socialist ideas amongst the working masses' as well as by 'organising the public and legal fight of the united workers of all countries against the exploiters of labour, capitalists, property-owners, and entrepreneurs of industry'.
IWMA chairman Jim Kells said: "Exporting ash is wrong environmentally, economically and is totally unsustainable in the modern era." It has written to Environment Minister John Gormley asking him to examine how ash from the planned Poolbeg incinerator in Dublin can be treated at home.
(9) Bakunin contributed to anarchism by taking up and deepening ideas already expressed within the International Working Men's Association (IWMA) by workers across Europe, namely the syndicalist idea of unions as the means of both fighting capitalism and replacing it.
The Irish Waste Management Association (IWMA) has said it will no longer collect food waste from restaurants, pubs or hotels.
International, some twenty years after the IWMA's collapse, does
(48) He was wary of the Marxists, but took succour from the fact that the Germans in the IWMA were marginalised by the Italians, Swiss and French.
At the end of 1922 the International Working Men's Association (IWMA) was founded.