IWMCIsland Waste Management Corporation (Prince Edward Island)
IWMCIrish World Music Centre
IWMCInternational Wildlife Management Consortium (Lausanne, Switzerland)
IWMCIron Warriors Motorcycle Club
IWMCI Want My Cheerios
IWMCIron Workers Motorcycle Club (San Francisco, CA)
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A number of waste streams received at the IWMC are also used as process reagents, thus increasing efficiency and minimizing use of new reagents.
Time is running out for the IWC to find a way of operating as a credible and meaningful international body,'' the IWMC World Conservation Trust said in a statement released in Shimonoseki.
Given such turmoil, the IWMC World Conservation Trust urged the IWC to manage the meeting ''in a more desirable manner'' and have ''rules and procedures it can follow.