IWMIInternational Water Management Institute (Sri Lanka)
IWMIInferior Wall Myocardial Infarction
IWMIImage World Media, Inc. (Singapore)
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In contrast, in IWMI the RV dysfunction was probably due to direct involvement of RV myocardium due to ischaemia.
Health Risks of Irrigation with Untreated Urban Wastewater in the Southern Punjab, Pakistan, IWMI Pakistan Report No.
It worth mentioning that the Nara Canal had been the pilot AWB in Sindh province where the action research carried out by IWMI found that participatory irrigation and drainage management was viable in Sindh Province.
A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Rainfall in the canal command areas of the Indus plains," IWMI, Report No.
3] SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute), IWMI (International Water Management Institute).
Relying on trade to meet a large part of this demand will impose a huge and politically untenable burden on the economies of many developing countries," said Colin Chartres, director general of IWMI.
The research assignment was the regional component under the Global Wetland Inventory and Mapping (GWIM) project initiated at IWMI that focused to develop a consortium of researcher collaborations and form a collaborative and distributed network within the framework of the Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA's) with a defined focus on the wetland-livelihoods-poverty nexus.
Additional details on the work behind this article can be found in IWMI Research Report 108, Water Saving Technologies: Myths and Realities Revealed in Pakistan's Rice-Wheat Systems (www.
Studies in Pakistan by the IWMI have also looked at the interactions and effects of selection of water sources in irrigated areas and levels of thermotolerant coliforms on incidence of diarrhoea (37).
The IWMI also found cadmium contamination of up to 220 times higher than standard limit in rice, 126 times in garlic and 16 times in soybeans, after studying the soil of 154 plots of paddy field in eight villages in the two sub-districts.