IWNCI Will Not Complain (Tokyo, Japan)
IWNCInternational Workshop on Nano CMOS
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One of the long-range objectives of the IWNC is to do its part to take on the mammoth task of helping redefine the image of CTE.
The IWNC aims to share that knowledge outside the CTE sphere to non-CTE educators and administrators; policymakers at the local, state and national levels; and the general public, especially parents.
In order to achieve its mission, the IWNC aims to foster new and improved business/education partnerships to create better alignment between the needs of industry and the training provided by education.
The IWNC plans to turn success stories like these into a series of "playbooks" to help guide business/education partnerships in other communities around the country.
IWNC founding member Certiport, a provider of certifications that help students demonstrate their skills, says that certifications continue to be a sought-after focus for CTE programs in order to validate the career readiness of their students.
It is with this in mind that the IWNC has put in motion work to create an alignment index.