IWOMInternet Word of Mouth
IWOMInternational Woman of Mystery
IWOMImplied Warranty of Merchantability
IWOMInternational Workshop on Optical Measurement
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Sam Flemming, Founder and President of CIC, said, The emergence of social media is fast transforming methods of understanding consumer attitudes and conducting market research, and IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth) monitoring and social media research are essential parts of this change.
Riley Pulver, Kenesaw, NE--A Mathews bow ($899); Caleb Garzanelli, Seneca, IL--An IWOM from IWOM Outerwear ($479); Jonathan Clemente, Sinking Springs, PA--A Full Season suit from Scent-Lok ($350); Scott Antonson, Lincoln, NE--A Diamond Razor Edge bow from BowTech Archery ($349); Matt Ruhland, St.
The latest offering in this category is IWOM ($299 to $349 depending on size), which stands for Inner Warmth, Outer Mobility.