IWORInternational Workshop on Operational Research
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All patients who underwent upfront surgery (Iwor Lewis' two stage esophagectomy with reconstruction with gastric tube) for resectable mid and lower esophageal cancers and CT scan done from Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi from January 2008 to July 2014 were included in the study.
Par exemple, l'un des principaux points des negociations continues entre les bureaucrates gouvernementaux, les universitaires et les representants des Ainous est la creation d'un iwor ainou, ou d'une << zone culturelle >>, en Hokkaido ou les Ainous pourront pratiquer et revitaliser leur culture et ou les touristes, les visiteurs et les universitaires pourront observer et apprendre.
Communities scattered about a river system shared kinship ties and occasionally access to hunting territories (iwor), but their central function was to join in the performance of the bear ritual (iyomante), the principal religious observance of the Ainu people.(2)