IWPOInternational Whale Protection Organization
IWPOInternational Wolfpack Online
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IWPO is a consultant and investigator for Medtronic and has received lecture fees and travel expenses from Medtronic, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Bayer Healthcare.
Not stopping at simply upgrading the entire world's concept of Internet, InfoTelesys -- the next generation Internet company that touts the slogan "we take the period out of dot com(TM)", -- on Wednesday, March 14, will simultaneously launch its revolutionary IWPO (Initial Web Public Offering), through the world's first Open-Access, Dynamic-Disclosure Internet based Free-Market stock exchange, IT-AT(TM) (InfoTelesys Automated Trading System).
InfoTelesys paradigm-changing announcements are made in conjunction with just released news that the reason the Russian government held up Mir's scheduled March 6 destruction, was to allow InfoTelesys ten days to raise capital through their IWPO to acquire Mir.