IWRAPImaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler (radar)
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Overall, the results of our work indicate the potentially significant role played by the turbulent scales of motion in hurricane vortex dynamics, and our IWRAP measurements represent a new dataset of coherent inner-core turbulence for the hurricane community.--Stephen R.
Caption: The Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler (IWRAP).
AP3201 utilizes BluegigaAEs advanced iWRAP Bluetooth Interfaces as our extremely successful Access Server product family offering the integrators seamless extension for their existing Bluegiga Access Server networks", comments Tom Nordman, BluegigaAEs Vice President ofSales and Marketing.
Bluegiga is the innovator of Bluetooth multi-radio access server products and its OEM module offering has seamless co-existence with other wired and wireless technologies, BluRoam, the unique roaming technology for Bluetooth devices and iWRAP, the easy-to-use Bluetooth control interface.
Frasier, 2014: Wind retrieval algorithms for the IWRAP and HIWRAP airborne Doppler radars with applications to hurricanes.J.
The contract is for the modernization and the supply of new computers and monitors integrated with the simulator simulator ECDIS Radar / ARPA number key (AK 1,702,522) version of NTPro 4000 / NS3000-and on your NTPro 5000 / NS4000 and modernization iWRAP System II.