IWRFInternational Wheelchair Rugby Federation
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The participants of this study were John Bishop, the president of the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF); Mark Bullock, International Tennis Federation (ITF) Wheelchair Tennis Development Officer; and Dan James, United States Wheelchair Tennis Association (USTA) National Manager of Wheelchair Tennis.
Just as James noted the benefits of successful partnerships between wheelchair tennis and able bodied tennis, Bishop and the IWRF consider the applications of such partnerships in the sport of rugby.
Due to the difficulties of promoting wheelchair rugby in the U.S., Bishop and the IWRF have looked at the best practices for promotion internationally in order to identify which methods are most effective.
While the USTA and ITF have made efforts to utilize webcasting, the IWRF and wheelchair rugby have invested additional time and resources.
Examinations of the interviews allowed a better understanding of the current status of promotion and marketing toward disability sports (i.e., ITF, IWRF, and USTA).