IWRYI Will Remember You
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Iwry recalled that, at Treasury, Carey was "intrigued by how that key feature of the declining defined benefit pension plan-a stream of retirement income guaranteed to last a lifetime-could be provided by the market more simply, more cheaply and in a way that's easier for ordinary people to access and buy."
Iwry told IRI attendees that Treasury has amended its required minimum distribution rules so that longevity annuity payments will not need to begin prematurely in order to comply with those regulations.
Iwry stressed the agency's interest in communicating and sharing resources with the business community, while adding the law isn't perfect.
Iwry discussed the mandate delay at a hearing organized by the House Energy and Commerce oversight subcommittee.
Mark Iwry, who handles retirement and healthcare policy, told the news service.
(81.) See David & Iwry, supra note 75 (stating 401(k) loans and debit cards could reduce the need for higher interest debt).
MARK IWRY, USING TAX REFUNDS TO INCREASE SAVINGS AND RETIREMENT SECURITY 9 (2006) ("[A]t least for many households, the current level of withholding is not 'overwithholding,' but a deliberate method of forced savings."); Block Comments, supra note 16, at 25 (making mention of "the ...
Laurie Winters, the MAM'S Curator of Earlier European Art, has argued that while examining the work she discovered the signature "Iwry"-a "well-known copyist and imitator of Berchem who supplied the English market in the 18th century ..." She says the piece would have been offered for sale as a "possible Berchem" if she and her associates had not been thoroughly convinced that it was the work of another artist.
Mark Iwry of the Brookings Institution, would feature direct payroll deposits to a low-cost, diversified individual retirement account.
I am grateful to Zvi Bodie, Jeremy Bulow, Jeffrey Brown, Edward DeMarco, Douglas Elliott, Mark Iwry, Wendy Kiska, Nellie Liang, Deborah Lucas, Stephen Oliner, George Pennacchi, Marvin Phaup, Paul Smith, and Jonathan Wright for helpful conversations and comments on earlier drafts.
Mark Iwry, a former Treasury Department official who was critical in developing the measure from 1999 to 2001.