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IWSImage Web Server
IWSIrish Water Spaniel (dog breed)
IWSIntegrated Warfare Systems
IWSInformation Warfare Site
IWSInternational Wool Secretariat
IWSIntelligent Workstation
IWSIntegrated Web Services
IWSinfoworkspace (General Dynamics collaboration tool set; formerly GTE)
IWSInduSoft Web Studio (software)
IWSIntegrated Weapon System
IWSIndividual Weapon System
IWSI'm with Stupid
IWSInfantry Weapons Systems (USMC)
IWSIonizing Wet Scrubber
IWSIndoor Wireless Systems
IWSInternet Wrestling Syndicate
IWSIndividually Wrapped Slices (packaging)
IWSIndiana Wind Symphony
IWSIntegrated Waste Solutions, Inc. (West Chester, PA)
IWSIntegrated Work Station
IWSInternational Wafer Service
IWSInkjet and Web Solutions (Hewlett-Packard)
IWSInternational Wastewater Systems, Inc
IWSInactive Waste Site
IWSIntegrated Water System
IWSIntegrated Web Service
IWSInterim Wideband System
IWSIntegral Wind Services
IWSIntegrated Work Schedule
IWSInert Warhead Section
IWSInsensible Water Loss
IWSIntegrated Weapon System Manual
IWSIndustry Wage Survey (USA)
IWSInstrument Workshop (Australia)
IWSInteroperable Wave Standard
IWSIntranet Web Services
IWSInterceptor Weapons School (Tyndall Air Force Base; Florida)
IWSIntuitive Web Solutions, LLC (Springfield, MO)
IWSInfant Warming System
IWSIndustrial Warehouse Service (Tuscaloosa, AL)
IWSInformation Worker Solutions (Microsoft)
IWSIrritable Woman Syndrome
IWSInterceptor & Waste Services (UK)
IWSInternet World Stats (market research)
IWSIn-Wall Subwoofer (various companies)
IWSIntelligent Web Services (project)
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I-MILES IWS uses laser emitters that attach to military weapons and on-body sensors to replicate combat and records data for later review.
Entitled 'Promoting Water Sustainability in Arid Regions,' IWS will examine the water-energy nexus and its long-term implications on regional and global food security and energy savings.
I called the roofers and was told they don't put IWS over an unheated area.
based provider of international mobile services and products that are complimentary to IWS services.
This significant growth is a testament to the global standing of IWS as a platform for the water industry," said Ara Fernezian, Divisional Managing Director UAE at Reed Exhibitions.
Endorsed by International Desalination Academy (IDA), IWS will offer 15 industry enhancing desalination sessions that will provide groundbreaking scientific insights on low energy desalination technologies as well discussing the IDA strategic selection with a special focus on the GCC region and the evaluation system.
in the 1870s, the IWS quickly became a favorite of waterfowl hunters in this country until, like many of the early retriever breeds, it was caught in the undertow of a tidal wave of Labradors that possessed the same skills, but, unlike the IWS, required almost no grooming.
IWS recommended that a new well be dug about five metres away because it was unlikely the obstruction could be drilled out without damaging the well casing and its screen.
When visiting the championships, you can find out more at the IWS stand - Row M Stand 342 - about this disease and other farm risks.
While fielding the IWS and supporting BCTs during combat training center deployment preparation rotations, the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) 3d Military Intelligence (MI) Center's Foundry contact teams noted that the S2 Imagery Analysts had little or no FMV training/experience prior to their combat deployments.
By providing the capability for users at one security level to have real- time collaborative sessions with users at another security level, IWS facilitates inter-agency cooperation and information sharing between government organizations with different authorities, jurisdictions, and need- to-know.
IWS defines an "Internet user" broadly-anyone who has internet access and the basic knowledge of how to use web technology.