IWSASInternational Workshop on Self-Adaptive Software
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Yet the emphasis on extending women's work outside the home not only assumed a universal division between public and private spheres but also that the female/private sphere was, in Sheila Webster's words, "somehow peripheral to 'society.'" [22] The feminist agenda set by the Euro/American leaders of the IWSA, which focused on the attainment of formal equality, put forth women's participation in public life as the touchstone of their emancipation.
The success of the Catt-Jacobs world trip in establishing new contacts outside the West was reflected in an announcement for the IWSA's seventh conference, to be held in Budapest on Jane 15, 1913:
(20.) Chrystal Macmillan, "The Future of the IWSA," Jus Snffragii 14 (February 1920), quoted in Rupp, Worlds of Women, 23.