IWSMInternational Workshop on Software Measurement (annual conference)
IWSMInternational Workshop on Statistical Modelling
IWSMIntegrated Weapon System Management
IWSMInternational Workshop in Sequential Methodologies
IWSMInternational Workshop on Statistical Metrology (est. 1996)
IWSMInternational Workshop in Systems Management
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In Figure 18, the MOS-based C[O.sub.2] sensor of IWSM was compared with the conventional NDIR-based C[O.sub.2] sensors in an office environment with moving people.
Caption: FIGURE 6: Integrated wireless sensor module (IWSM) containing a 447 MHz band RF module with a helical antenna, temperature and humidity sensor, and optional C[O.sub.2] sensor.
Caption: FIGURE 18: Comparison of the MOS-based C[O.sub.2] sensor of IWSM (IAQ-CORE) with the conventional C[O.sub.2] sensors, which are based on NDIR (MISIR-5000 and Engine-K30).
The new IWSM regime also should make planning more efficient and complete, Colonel Hayes said.
Yet even before the establishment of IWSM, WRALC worked closely in support of RW's efforts to improve Air Force EC capabilities.
This is particularly true of the Sacramento Air Logistics Center (SMALC) at McClellan AFB, CA, where the touch of IWSM's long hand has also been felt.
According to System Program Director Lt Col Michael Smolin, Red Force has added simulator acquisition and development duties (including some previously residing at Eglin AFB) to its previous depot maintenance and sustainment tasks as a result of IWSM reshufflings.
From the long-term sustainment perspective, the problem with IWSM is that many development system managers (DSM) at Air Force product centers (Aeronautical Systems Center, Electronic Systems Center, Air Armament Center, Space and Missile Systems Center) retain single-manager responsibility decades after a system has been fielded, unlike system support managers (SSM) at air logistic centers (Oklahoma City ALC, Ogden ALC, Warner-Robins ALC).
Putting rubber-on-the-ramp mentalities and political pressures did not disappear when IWSM was initiated.
Prior to IWSM, there were two four-star commands, Air Force Systems Command and Air Force Logistics Command, that were strong advocates for acquisition and sustainment during the acquisition cycle.