IWSTInstitute of Wood Science Technology (India)
IWSTInternational Workshop on Spin Transfer
IWSTIntegrated Weapon System Training
IWSTInformation Warfare Support Team
IWSTIntegrated Weapon Support Team
IWSTIntegrated Warfare Systems Team
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The best known methods from this group are the IWST method, which satisfies the condition of minimum sum of displacement components module (Chen, 1983; Setan and Singh, 2001), which differs only by weight function (L1-norm) function for the displacement vector components, L1-norm function for the displacement lengths and Huber function for the displacement vector components (Caspary and Borutta, 1987; Setan and Singh, 2001, Nowel and Kamihski, 2014).
Provides contracting support to all major aviation IWST customers and platforms.
Provides contracting support to multiple IWST customers and platforms, including Hull Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E), MK99 Fire Control, WSN-7, BPS, IBS, SPY Transmitter, Q-70, ARCI, MK41 VLS, USC-38, CEC, CIWS, and NATO Sea Sparrow.
A substantial amount of work is required in the daily operations of an IWST, and it is extremely rewarding to leave the office each day knowing my team and I have made a difference.
The supply chain required to support the Y/Z fleet was accomplished while the IWST was fully transitioning into the ERP environment, which changed their way of executing their basic business.
Creative database analysis, direct communication skills, and sometimes gut instinct have become required capabilities for members of this IWST.
Through the numerous and unique challenges the H-1 IWST has faced, the team has come through each experience with a finely honed focus on providing the best possible supply support to the Fleet, and with an even greater knowledge of how to tackle any obstacles that may lie ahead.
The Weapons Support Department with 12 IWSTs primarily responsible for the logistical sustainment of fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, and all support equipment.
A typical workday for the F/A-18 IWST is very fast paced.
The IWST processes more than 150,000 order fulfillments per year.
The F/A-18 IWST has various challenges to face, such as continuous obsolescence as well as aging aircrafts.
To preserve the aging fighter jets, IWST implemented two programs to maintain supportability: the Service Life Assessment Program (SLAP), which provides comprehensive engineering analysis to assess the life of the airframe, and the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP), which provides structural life extension through reworks and inspections.