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IWTIncumbent Worker Training
IWTInland Water Transport
IWTIndus Water Treaty (India and Pakistan)
IWTInland Waterway Transport
IWTInstitute for Women and Technology
IWTInterest Withholding Tax
IWTI Would Think
IWTImpact World Tour
IWTInstituut voor Wegtransport (Belgium)
IWTInternational Workshop on Telematics
IWTInternational Warehousing and Transport
IWTInterstate Waste Technologies, Inc.
IWTIntegrated Weapons Team
IWTIntercompany Work Transfer
IWTInterdepartmental Work Team
IWTIndependent World Television
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Thus, an assessment of the IWT within this context is the central focus in this Article, including an analysis of India and Pakistan's perspectives on the agreement.
The 67-year old IWT is increasingly at risk of becoming a casualty of the ugly geopolitics of the India-Pakistan relationship.
Sound level meters were used to obtain estimates of noise exposure for IWT and nonIWT groups.
The government has not yet formulated a clear policy on the treaty as is evident from a recent statement of Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Asif that the IWT was heavily tilted in favour of India and the government should revisit it in the greater interest of the country.
According to IWT Vice President Phil Carrier, the solution has been met with great feedback from mines; one has already indicated that they project their dispatch expenses will be cut in half with the use of Central Dispatch.
The 53 year old IWT has not benefited Pakistan as military dictators and civilian rulers have ignored national interests.
Pakistan has made repeated complaints that according to the IWT, all rivers (including those that fell to India's lot) must have a minimum flow, but to no avail.
Farmers in Punjab and Sindh (the directly affected provinces) could also benefit from IWT by transporting fertilizers and agricultural produce in a timely fashion.
Galapagos said that with this grant from IWT it can support the search for more novel inhibitors of the antibacterial target DNA pol III alpha to fight against difficult-to-treat bacterial species.
In order to develop and implement an advanced European concept to manage intermodal transport chains with IWT as a core transport mode, we need to develop effective risk management tool for proactive management of disruptive events in IWT.
We have neither utilized hydropower potential of those rivers flowing through Kashmir nor we have fought our case to defend the Indus Water Treaty (IWT) in the eyes of the world and Kashmiris who blame the IWT for power shortages in J and K.
The IWT grant will fund a product and process development program undertaken in Belgium by ReGenesys, Athersys' affiliate.