IWTAInternational Water Technology Association
IWTAInternational Wheelchair Tennis Association (International Tennis Federation advisory body)
IWTAInternational Wireless Telecommunications Association
IWTAInternational Wing Tsun Association (Kung Fu association)
IWTAInterdivisional Work Transfer Agreement
IWTAInter Work Transfer Authorization(s) (Lockheed Martin)
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Once efficient water management and conservation of water is made possible, it will be easy to introduce nationwide inland water transport for which IWTA be established as no such body is there at the federal or the provincial levels, the report further suggests.
(57) In 1941, for example, IWTA paragraph 5(1)(j) was amended to provide for a separate, lesser exemption for corporations that paid amounts "by way of donation" to charitable organizations in Canada: RSC 1927 c 97, s 5(1)(j) and (jj), as amended by SC 1940-41, c 18, ss 7, 8 and SC 1942-43, c 28, s 5(4).
Solutions: IWTA's KISSS system is "intelligent irrigation" that moves water from over-saturated areas to under-saturated areas' utilizing evapotranspiration metrics to provide each plant with the appropriate amount of water.