IWTFIrish Working Terrier Federation (UK and Ireland)
IWTFIndustrial Waste Treatment Facility
IWTFInland Waterways Trust Fund (USACE)
IWTFInternational Wheelchair Tennis Federation (est. 1998)
IWTFInstitut für Wissenschaftstheorie und-Forschung
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The FY 2020 Construction program as a whole is funded at $1.301 billion in the Budget, including $1.17 billion in the Construction account, $57 million in the MR&T account, $56 million in IWTF, and $18 million in the HMTF.
The construction program includes nine commercial navigation projects (including one HMTF project and one IWTF project), five aquatic ecosystem restoration projects and programs and four flood risk management projects.
The modernization needs of the system, as projected by both AEP and the Corps, far exceeds the annual IWTF revenues.
Inland Waterways Trust Fund (IWTF) supported projects received an increase of $112 million or a total of $281 million for priority projects in FY 15.