IWTPIncumbent Worker Training Program (Louisiana)
IWTPIndustrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
IWTPI Want That Present (UK)
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Bee'ah said the IWTP will help it meet commitments to become a zero waste-producing business in the future.
HE Thabit Salim Al Tarifi, director general of Sharjah City Municipality, was among the senior-level officials who attended Bee'ah's inauguration of the IWTP, according to a report by UAE state news agency, Wam .
Values in the table are average marginal effects: in the probit equation, these are probability derivatives, in the Ln(IWTP) equation, these are elasticities.
None of the individual marginal effects are different from zero in the Ln(IWTP) equation, though as a group, the explanatory variables are jointly significant, F(9, 265) = 2.38; p = .0134.