IWTUIntegrated Waste Treatment Unit (Idaho)
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During the most recent test, IWTU converted more than 63,000 gallons of liquid simulant to a dry, granular solid.
The takeaway from this and the previous 30-day demonstration runs is that the IWTU facility and its steam reforming technology works for liquid waste treatment, said Archie Benner, IWTU nuclear facility manager with EM cleanup contractor Fluor Idaho.
In the two most recent demonstrations, IWTU filters became plugged with fine particulates.
IWTU engineers are working with a company to test a robotic arm for decontaminating stainless steel canisters that would be filled with treated waste once IWTU begins operating.
Fluor recently put together a new IWTU project plan, Hughes said.
White toured the IWTU, a new facility constructed to treat over 900,000 gallons of liquid, radioactive sodium-bearing waste.
The IWTU was designed and constructed to treat 900,000 gallons of liquid sodium-bearing waste located at the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center's (INTEC) tank farm.
The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, which has state regulatory authority for oversight of the IWTU, has been notified of the situation.