IWVIndian Wells Valley (California)
IWVIntegrated Water Vapor
IWVInstitut für Werkstoffe und Verfahren der Energietechnik (Institute for Materials and Processes in Energy Systems)
IWVImpuls Wahl Verfahren (German: impulse choice procedure)
IWVI-Witness Video (human rights project)
IWVIraq Without Violence (International Foundation for Electoral Systems)
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has added IWV Insurance Agency LLC of Ridgecrest, Calif., and Maki Insurance Group of Anthem, Ariz.
La Figura 4 muestra el ZWD y el IWV estimado para la semana 1536, mientras que la Figura 5 corresponde al IWV para los meses de mayo y junio 2009, ofreciendo una vision generalizada del comportamiento propio del vapor de agua en estos intervalos.
Thus, the Islamic World-View (IWV) guides man as a vicegerent of Allah to the correct belief system, i.e.
IWV twice opposed the Violence Against Women Act and continues to lobby against its enforcement.
These new standards are referenced in the 1988 addendum of Section XI and replace Subsections IWP and IWV of that code.
The radiance observations are commonly expressed as an equivalent brightness temperature [T.sub.B], from which estimates of atmospheric temperature profiles (from oxygen absorption from 55 to 60 GHz) and humidity profiles (from water vapor absorption around 22 GHz) as well as column-integrated water vapor (IWV) and liquid water path (LWP) can be inferred during nonprecipitating conditions.
Both the mean 800-850 hPa temperature and the integrated water vapor content (IWV) up to 200 hPa were analyzed for DJF under different flow conditions at the closest land grid point for the Arctic stations Ny-Alesund (78.9[degrees]N, 11.9[degrees]E), Alert (82.5[degrees]N, 62.3[degrees]W), Eureka (80.0[degrees]N, 86.0[degrees]W), Barrow (71.3[degrees]N, 156.6[degrees] W), and Tiksi (71.6[degrees]N, 128.9[degrees]E), respectively.
Additionally, thanks to EGVAP and TOUGH products, we have got our ZTDs converted into the Precipitable Water Vapour (IWV) and we compared those with radiosonde data available nearby, example shown in Figure 12.