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IXAInternet Exchange Architecture
IXAIntegrated Xseries Adapter
IXAInternational Xenotransplantation Association (est. 1998)
IXAIon-excited X-ray Analysis
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In January 1945, the Germans announced that all Jewish POWs in Stalag IXA were to report the following morning.
Proteina C En su forma activa inactiva al FVa y FVIIIa Proteina S Cofactor de la PCa Proteina Z Incrementa la inhibicion del FXa por el Inhibidor de la Proteina Z Cofactores Factor V Cofactor del complejo protrombinasa Factor VIII Cofactor del complejo tenasa intrinseco Trombomodulina Cofactor de la trombina Factor Tisular Inicia la via extrinseca al unirse al FVIIa Cimogenos o Sustratos Fibrinogeno Precursor de la fibrina Factor XIII Transaminasa que entrecruza la fibrina Inhibidores Antitrombina III Serpina que inhibe a la trombina y a los factores VIIa, IXa, Xa, XIa, XIIa y calicreina.
(15) The decrease in the number of Summary trials can be explained in part by the increased use of the Discipline Officer Scheme under Part IXA DFDA.
Uno de estos complejos moleculares es llamado tenaza intrinseca, que agrupa al IXa y su cofactor, el VIIIa, para activar el X (juego de palabras derivado de ten: diez y asa: enzima) y el otro llamado el complejo protrombinico, que agrupa al Xa y su cofactor, el Va, para formar trombina [23].
d l's he he ixa a Mind you, as manager Brendan Rodgers pointed out afterwards, they were assisted by some shocking defending from the home side.
Thisi s the Canaries' first game againsta team int het ops ixa t the timeo f the fixtureand ina llt hree oft heird efeats they've beenb ehind ath alf-time.
The color of samples was determined using the Hunter scale with an automatic colorimeter WB-2000 IXA (Beijing Kangguang Instrument Co., Ltd, China).
Thrombin generation assay using factor IXa as a trigger to quantify accurately factor VIII levels in haemophilia A.
- Added Phase One industrial cameras: iXA 160, iXA 180, iXR, iXR 140, iXR 160, iXR 180.
The shark specimens for this study were captured off Figueira da Foz, in the central Atlantic coast of Portugal (ICES Division IXa), in depths up to 70 m (40[degrees]10'N, 9[degrees]9'W; Fig.