IXBBagdogra, India - Bagdogra (Airport Code)
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IXB was developed as a joint venture combining several strategic partners, including the Shoshone, Battle Mountain and Washoe Indian tribes, as well as combing various concepts and industry-specific knowledge in commercial hemp and cannabis research and sales.
These relationships enable IXB access to tribal lands for farming commercial hemp and cannabis, and will allow IXB to sell hemp and cannabis products in retail outlets on tribal lands.
For example, in Tasmania the application is not for common law possessory title, but rather is for title based on possession that is adjudicated and determined by reference to pt IXB div 5 of the Land Titles' Act 1980 (Tas).
15) En el prefacio a la edicion francesa de los Principios, 1965: IXB, 5; 1992, I, 181, Descartes describe el metodo del analisis como la busqueda de las causas primeras.
Three of the four first projects to be examined will concern transport: one is a plan to upgrade the IXB Transport Corridor from the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, to the country's main port, Klaipeda; another is to develop the Via Baltica road in Lithuania in 2000-2003; and the other is a project in Poland to construct a section of the A4 motorway between Kleszczow and Sonica.
Tenders are invited for Dynamic traffic management on the road Via Baltica and IXB corridor.
Description of project: Works for Construction of the second track of the Vilnius bypass Pu ynas-Paneriai of the IXB corridor.