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IXFIntegrated Exchange Format
IXFInternational Express Freight (FedEx)
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Second, Fellesdata, the largest data services provider in Norway, is adapting the IXF fax platform to enable the mass fax distribution of fax documents at significantly reduced costs over conventional managed fax systems.
Integrating the NetXchange IXF fax solution with the FaxSav Network combines the cost savings and management infrastructure of IXF with the advantages of joining one of the leading IP fax networks in the world," said Bibi Rosenbach, president of NetXchange.
Each applicant would have installed NetXchange's IXF ports or XchangeWare Gateways, with the capacity to handle a minimum of one million minutes of fax traffic per month.
From there, faxes are delivered over a network of IXF servers, using NetXchange RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol), for termination via the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) based on the lowest available rate.
Developed to Tandem's PC6530-G51 specifications and jointly tested by Tandem and FutureSoft, the DynaComm(R) Connectivity Series- Tandem 6530 provides connectivity between personal computers and Tandem NonStop(TM) servers using the Tandem 6530 emulation and the Tandem IXF file transfer protocol.
Pericom's 6530 Emulator for Tandem systems also includes IXF and Multilan support and has been available for two years.