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IXIInternational X.25 Interconnect
IXIInnovative Exchange, Inc. (Maryland)
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As a result of the acquisition, Daniel Hyman, the developer of the Drone Killer technology will assume an engineering position with IXI and become a critical component of the new Electronic Warfare management team.
This acquisition will expand IXI's current testing capabilities and contract manufacturing support, bringing turnkey product, engineering services and testing capabilities to its military and commercial customers.
For over 20 years, IXI Services' household-level consumer financial capacity estimates have allowed financial institutions to optimise omni-channel marketing efforts, maximize sales opportunities, and help build more profitable business relationship with consumers.
(109) Online financial marketers are taking advantage of aggregated, unregulated products such as "Aggregated FICO Scores from IXI," which is part of Equifax.
Martelon came to Telluride last year after two decades in advertising on the East Coast, and quickly brought in IXI Corp., a McLean, Va.-based provider of consumer databases that counts the country's largest banks among its customers.
Por el contrario, aqui entiendo que estas se presentan y reproducen sin la necesaria modificacion europea, y aquellas que integraron elementos de lo occidental lo hicieron como encuentros irresueltos que no se adaptan a la sintesis mestiza, lo que Rivera Cusicanqui ha llamado ch' ixi. (30)
Like Equifax's IXI Digital Media President Marsh Marshall notes, "Advertisers do not want quantity over quality." He works with "advertisers looking for display solutions that reach desired segments."