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IXVIntermediate eXperimental Vehicle (European Space Agency)
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The IXV, a one-off prototype that cost 150 million euro, used parachutes to land safely in the Pacific.
Beck said it was possible that the technology coming out of the IXV project could be used by public-private partnerships in future.
The IXV program supports the development of an autonomous, guided European atmospheric reentry system, as well as validating in flight its aerodynamic performance and overall design, especially its thermal protection system.
IXV was designed and built by Thales Alenia Space Italy in Turin.
The IXV project is designed to develop an autonomous atmospheric reentry system for Europe, and also validate the enabling technologies needed to meet his challenge.
Italy is the great protagonist of the launch of the European atmospheric reentry demonstrator IXV, developed by Thales Alenia Space on behalf of the European Space Agency with the technical-scientific contribution of the Italian Space Agency, CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Center) and Italian Universities, said Stefania Giannini Italian Minister of Instruction, University and Research.
The IXV separated from the launcher at an altitude of 320 kilometers, continuing its ascent until reaching an altitude of 412 kilometers.
It ended with the parachute descent, then a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, where the IXV was immediately recovered by a specially equipped ship.
There, it will pick up various project staff, including the propulsion teams from Thales Alenia Space, who will passivate (neutralize) the IXV and recover the data recorders.
The development of European space transport and reentry systems will be able to capitalize on this project, because the IXV will provide in-flight verification, under real conditions, of all basic reentry technologies, including aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, thermal protection systems and the navigation and flight control system.
Thales Alenia Space is in charge of the IXV vehicle design, development and integration and heads a consortium comprising major European manufacturers, research centers and universities.
The IXV demonstrator features advanced aerodynamics due to its lifting body design, which also maximizes maneuverability.