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IXVIntermediate eXperimental Vehicle (European Space Agency)
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At the peak of the current response a voltage ramp going from -100 to +80 mV, with 500 ms duration, was applied and this corresponds to the IxV plot shown.
Shaped like a smaller version of the now-retired US space shuttle, the IXV has no tail or discernible wings.
Developed by the European Space Agency, the IXV marks the latest step by Europe in the development of atmospheric reentry technologies, a key to manned flights.
Andrew Hanley Musica Britannica Ixv (London: Stainer & Bell, 1994), 58.50[pounds]; set of parts (four-part pieces) 20.50[pounds]; set of parts (two-, three- and five-part pieces) 20.50[pounds]
Author's Present Address: Department of Management Science and Information Systems, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802; email: ixv @psvm.