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IYAInternational Year of Astronomy (2009)
IYAIn Your Arms (Chris Brown song)
IYAIyengar Yoga Association (UK)
IYAIrish Yoga Association (est. 1978)
IYAIn Your Ass
IYAIslamic Youth Association (various locations)
IYAIndex Versus Year Ago
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Beyond IYA aims to consolidate and build upon the networks and projects developed during IYA2009.
I also see some marvelous differences between IYA and the Decade of the Sky.
Understandably, therefore, an important focus of IYA activities is raising "dark skies awareness" among the 3-billion--plus city dwellers of planet Earth.
Also, our IYA Close-up boxes highlight the 12 objects NASA is featuring at its website (http://astronomy2009.
The IYA was a spectacular success, directly touching 800 million people at a total cost of only 12 million [euro].
Outreach is nothing new to the museum life, but it's enhanced by the community spirit of IYA 2009.
As well as generating immediate cost savings over the current IYA shareholder credit line facilities and reducing reliance thereon, it adds an important component to our financial tool kit for the future expansion of the Company.
Our first IYA event was a public lecture given by Francisco Diego at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in January.
One goal of the IYA project is to involve participants in more than just collecting data.
As thousands of local events are being held around the country to celebrate the 400 years since Galileo made his first revolutionary observations and sketches of the Moon, Around the World in 80 Telescopes gives everyone the chance to see the amazing work that professional astronomers do, furthering the boundaries of our knowledge and helping us understand our place in the Universe," said Steve Owens, UK coordinator for IYA 2009.
The Historical Section wishes to thank Kevin Govender and his team who headed the IYA events, and for all those who participated in outreach projects.
Organised by Telescope400 as part of the IYA, sponsored by the Royal Astronomical Society.