IYAPIf You Are Prepared (fan fiction)
IYAPIndiana Youth Access Project (Indiana Youth Group; Indianapolis, IN)
IYAPIndiana Youth Advocate Program
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She excelled during her involvement with the IYAP group (Indigenous Youth Art Program) through Open Space Gallery where she contributed to a Chatham Island video project in partnership with Songhees Nation.
Mamat Pictures by Jalong: Commentary describes it as follows: Ulu yap means 'chicken head.' After suhan grades have been taken In the morning of the next day, all takers must go to the belawing, "to let the pelaki omen know their suhan." The grades shown by each are, starting from the back: Temanggang dua Lawea iyap for the child in the baby carrier Lenjou 6 (3 showing) for the adults.
(33) Other forms of fishing, such as using the keluit (hook and line), bubu (bamboo traps), mering (weirs), iyap (hand nets), and pedala' (cast nets), do not involve the whole community.