IYBImprove Your Business
IYBInternational Youth Basketball
IYBIthaca Youth Bureau (Ithaca, NY)
IYBInternational Yacht Brokers (South Africa)
IYBIn Your Basket
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As ONCECS is aware of the importance of contributing and preserving the biodiversity, as well as, contributing with other world countries in this regard, the commission has started since 2010 in forming a work team in conjunction with various authorities in the Sultanate concerned with the topic of environment and biodiversity to follow up and implement the activities of IYB as per the ministerial decision No.
Their success was related strongly to their perception of the IYB as an opportunity to make something of themselves.
The management development programme undertaken by the EFP comprises on one hand of national seminars on management and entrepreneurial interest such as productivity management, new approaches for employer and employee relationship, strategic human resources, freedom of association, international migration, labour administration for urban informal sector, working conditions in textile sector, promotion of equality for women workers, conditions of employment and work of journalist, IYB Trainers Workshop, Human Resource Development in hotel industries.