IYCFInfant and Young Child Feeding
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This questionnaire obtained information on basic demographics, the training which HCWs had received relating to the RtHB, as well as HCWs' knowledge and practices relating to IYCF and HP.
5% (545) 630 Table 2: Infant and young child feeding (IYCF) knowledge and practices of caregivers in Mbala District IYCF knowledge/practice Value Total N Infant currently breastfed, % (n) 99.
Therefore to achieve optimal nutrition outcomes, a set of recommendations termed as IYCF practices were recommended by the WHO and UNICEF (2002).
of Districts Allocating Funds 1 Twice-yearly VASD 133 2 Training on IYCF 10 3 Screening and management of SAM 9 4 Purchasing iron and folic acid tables for antenatal care 9 5 Community mobilization on use of iodized salt and/or and iodine inspection 7 6 Providing health facility in-patients with food 7 7 Training on the ENA 6 8 Proving nutritional support to people living with HIV/AIDS 2 9 Training and mobilization on food handling and food hygiene 2 10 Nutrition surveys 2 11 Providing food to women attending antenatal clinic 1 12 Advocacy on emergency obstetric, nutrition, and child care 1 Activity Percent of Districts Aallocating Funds 1 Twice-yearly VASD 100.
7) World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi) is a global initiative tool which tracks, assesses and monitors national policies and programmes promoting IYCF practices in order to support women for breastfeeding.
He said that IYCF programmes should have complete sense of ownership from all local stakeholders including academia, researchers and public health professionals and programmes.
Feminist analysis of the economic incentives influencing women's breastfeeding decisions and practices highlights that unfettered market competition may undermine optimal IYCF choices and population health outcomes (Smith 2004).
Important IYCF indicators such as minimum dietary diversity, minimum meal frequency and minimum acceptable diet were seen adequate in less than half of the studied children population.
The IYCF Team, composed mostly of Barangay Nutrition Scholars, Health Workers, midwives and mother leaders; is set to start another training on October and November this year at the Nueva Vizcaya State University in Bayombong town.
8] A World Health Organization (WHO) Working Group developed valid and reliable indicators to assess IYCF practices.
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