IYDAInternational Youth Development Agency
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The IYDA will continue to receive applications untll 15March and they encourage young people of all ages to apply.
"IYDA provides educational training and cultural services for youth in order to encourage fellowship among nations.
This year they are addressing four different issues, firstly gender equality: "In this module IYDA will increase the awareness of women's rights and point the values of political participation and the important role of women in society." Secondly, civic education: "The participants from WAYS from different countries and backgrounds share ideas and experiences, design creative campaigns and learn how to accomplish goals in youth participation.
Both Sensus and IYDA provide meeting places for young people from around the world to participate in study circles, courses and certification programmes.
AaAaAaAa In round nineteenth named 'Iyda' Abkar' camel 'Umsiyah' owned by Nassir bin Eid al Amri from the Wilayat of Bidiyah came first, 'Showqh' owned by Jasim bin Salim al Ghilani from the Wilayat of Ja'alan Bani bu Ali came second while 'Oushbah' owned by Hamed bin Ali al Jaha'fi from the Wilayat of al Mudhaibi ended third.
The IYDA promotes peace among fellow nations and enhances youth capabilities in terms of intercultural understanding, by means of youth participation and civic education.
After his opening speech, he opened an informal discussion among the IYDA volunteers who are going to represent Egypt in the 'Intercultural dialogue by art' programme that kicks off at the end of this month in Prague, in the Czech Republic.