IYEInternational Year of Ecotourism (2002; UN)
IYEYemenia Yemen Airways (ICAO code)
IYEInternational Youth Exchange
IYEIn Your Eye (gaming clan)
IYEIndonesia Young Entrepreneurs
IYEIfetayo Youth Ensemble (est. 1989; Brooklyn, NY)
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10) Bu nedenle IYE etkenlerinin antibiyotiklere duyarliliklari ve GSBL tespiti tedavinin basan ile sonuclanmasi acisindan onemlidir.
Sonda takilan 17 hastanin besinde idrar yolu enfeksiyonu, katater takilan uc hastanin birinde yara ve IYE, birinde kan akimi enfeksiyonu, entube olan bes hastanin bir tanesinde kan akimi ve IYE mevcuttu.
TO/OY hastalar ile T/OY hastalarin yaralanmadan rehabili tasyon merkezine kabulune kadar gecen sure, yatis sureleri, rehabilitasyon merkezine kabul ve taburculuktaki fonksiyonel durumlari, yatis surecindeki fonksiyonel kazanclari, cinsiyet dagi limi ve basi yarasi, spastisite, IYE, depresyon durumu, noropatik agri komplikasyonlarinin gelisimi arasinda istatistiksel olarak anlamli fark bulunmadi (p[greater than or equal to]0,05).
Nonetheless, the Summit revealed a number of points: whereas ecotourism was thought to be a small niche market, global interest and participatory numbers proved otherwise; whereas critics of the year argued about adequate representation during IYE, TIES' delegates and those from the UNEP-sponsored NGO and Indigenous Peoples meetings proved that theirs was a reasoned, experienced voice to be heeded; and whereas the usual byproduct of these global Summits is a well-worded document that elucidates very hopeful goals, the small group of individuals gathered by TIES have demonstrated that more tangible achievements can and will be made through a cooperative, concerted community-based effort.
Wendy Brawer, creator of New York City's environmental Green Apple Maps, says she was "chagrined" when she first heard about the 2002 IYE designation.
Some people see IYE as an occasion to celebrate gains, because the industry has grown so much, but you see it going beyond that?
There are grave concerns that the IYE will result in misconceived mass-tourism that inevitably will exacerbate the degradation of ecosystems, loss of biological and cultural diversity, disruption of local economies, and displacement and dispossession of communities and indigenous peoples.