IYFInternational Youth Foundation
IYFIn Your Face
IYFIs Your Friend (computer geek slang)
IYFInsert Your Favorite... (fill in the blank)
IYFInternational Year of Freshwater (UN)
IYFIt's Your Fault
IYFISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) Youth Forum (religious organization)
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Through all of these, we see a lot of young people being depressed, resorting to anti-social behaviour,' said Mr Ookeditse, applauding IYF for having risen and responded in a positive way to the challenges of the youth.
By the end of one year the trained inmates will graduate and become mind education specialist where the Kenya Prisons Service will then use them to train others under supervision of IYF Mind Education Specialists," read a statement.
2) ADEC executed the program, with funding from MIF, IYF, the government of the province of Cordoba, and the Municipality of the city of Cordoba.
The problems are not small and frequently shake the public in Macedonia and some of them were pointed out in the latest report of the US State Department," IYF said.
According to the company, the remaining will be invested in similar IYF job training programmes in China, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Russia, Singapore and South Africa to help increase the pipeline and skill level of manufacturing candidates.
16) La IYF "esta sustentada por una vision multilateral de gente y organizaciones"; por ello "en si misma tiene una representacion verdaderamente global".
IYF, in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission to the West Bank and Gaza, granted Sharek Youth Forum, INJAZ-Palestine and Bethlehem University, in order to strengthen employment, entrepreneurship and service learning opportunities for young Palestinians.
To raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests, year 2011 also has been declared by the UN as the International Year of Forests - IYF.
With reference to IYF 2011, all international programmes and days are attributed to forests and the World Environment Day on 5 June, 2011 specifically reminds us of our responsibility in this regard, he said.
I did not expect such a warm welcome, and I am extremely grateful that the Founder and President of IYF, Ock Soo Park invited me and as well as my production team.
IYF, the world's largest network of youth-serving organizations with local affiliates in close to 70 countries and territories, focuses on program design, monitoring and impact assessment, while Nokia provides funding, staff volunteers and community relations support for the programme in each country.
In answer to "who" we learn from the dust jacket that author Daniel Donnelly is the "owner and creative director of Interactivist Design, a multimedia design studio located in Northern California," We also learn he's the publisher of IYF magazine and a newsletter, JYP express.