IYHFInternational Youth Hostel Federation
IYHFInternational Youth Hall of Fame (Easton, MD)
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Following in the "tire tracks of famed CBS reporter Charles Kuralt," IYHF will spend the year 2000 traveling throughout the country in a brightly painted RV, equipped with a digital video studio and web broadcasting capabilities.
If IYHF can agree on these standards, wouldn't a minimum for wheelchair access be a snap?
The IYHF surveyed 150 hostels in 29 countries, including Paris, Rome, Tokyo and Paris.
The new logo distinguished the 6,000 IYHF hostels and will help members to more easily identify them in 70 countries worldwide.
The organization then had to take loan from the ADBP but it also received some monetary grant from the IYHF, though it is not IYHFs policy to provide financial aid of any kind.