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While the other smaller party average vote shares reached in June for the HDP and iYiP were quite close to their realized vote shares, the average prediction for the MHP was significantly lower than the party's realized level of support in the June election.
The enlarged influence of the nationalist agenda reflected in the electoral support for the MHP and the new electoral center of attention the IYIP has the potential to redirect Turkey's policy orientation both domestically as well as from a foreign policy perspective towards its relations with the outside world.
The rise of the nationalist agenda as reflected in the surprising electoral survival of the MHP suggests a flow of support from the AK Party constituency towards the MHP and possibly towards the iYiP which is also likely to have attracted votes from the CHP.
While the HDP and its presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtas had no coverage, the newly founded IYIP and its candidate Meral Aksener received only 12 minutes of airtime.
In the districts where the CHP and MHP lost in eastern Anatolia, the IYIP gained some ground.
However, the average level of support for the MHP appears to have risen (from 9.9 to 15.8 percent in cluster 1, and 14.7 to 15.3 percent in cluster 2), while the IYIP also won considerable support, ranging from about 6.7 to 10.4 percent in clusters 1 and 2 respectively.