IYOPInternational Year of Older Persons, 1999
IYOPInternational Year of Physics (2005)
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The IYOP and its theme "Towards a Society for All Ages" have particular importance as we enter a new century and a new millennium.
IYOP events and projects give attention to these trends and highlight the importance of older people as contributors to as well as beneficiaries of social development.
Both celebration of active aging and recognition of the challenges involved in creating societies for all ages have marked the IYOP. Events and activities have taken place around the world.
Many nations have developed new organizations to plan, promote, and coordinate IYOP events and activities.
It also serves as a clearing house for IYOP conferences and events throughout the country.
The Global Embrace highlighted the themes of the IYOP demonstrating the ability of people as they grow older to lead productive and healthy lives in their families and communities.