IYPInternet Yellow Pages (website)
IYPIn Your Pocket (travel guidebooks)
IYPInternational Year of the Potato (2008)
IYPInternational Youth Parliament (Oxfam initiative)
IYPInteractive Yellow Pages
IYPIn Your Opinion
IYPInternational Year of Peace
IYPIf You Please
IYPIn Your Pants
IYPIrvine Young People (Christian group)
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After three weeks of IYP intervention, authors reported a significant improvement in visual reaction time, depression, and anxiety scores as compared to baseline.
Based on these findings, Market Authority has launched a new sales empowerment program called the IYP Game Changer.
Identifying families vulnerable for poorer response to IYP and providing them with additional in home support is expected to improve outcomes.
This evaluation set about exploring some of these issues and offering evidence as to the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of the IYP as a universal intervention for parents or careers of children with mild-to-moderate behavioural difficulties.
Of the top five IYP competitors,(2) the YELLOWPAGES.
El contenido de la web Vicinaty modificando los metodos de acceso espacial, ha desarrollado para estos IYP y negocios, que permite la localizacion de productos, trabajos, esto como un componente de software en conjuncion con aplicaciones de busqueda.
While some appraisers around the country are already aware of the excellent opportunities IYP advertising offers and have already invested in the new business model, in most cities (and the larger geography of "metro areas"), there is still plenty of room at the top.
Students are indoctrinated into the L&LC by receiving complimentary national and chapter membership-giving them access to information resources, attending all local chapter educational meetings and IYP events free of charge--and, if funds are available--national meetings.
From outside, the boat looks like your standard barge, though the inside has been transformed by Birmingham-based designer Queen & Crawford, working in close collaboration with Dutch artist Marjolijn Dijkman, and members of the IYP.
James Ahia and Daniel Mullet, of the IYP Members Committee, breezed through the pitch and won over the judges.
utilizes partnerships to deploy its technology into vertical markets, search engines, IYP Directories, and ad networks.
Top Local Search provides online, hosted SaaS (software as a service) that Achieves Is( page Google, Yahoo, MSN and IYP local and organic search results for every franchise location, for all key search terms.