IYTIntegrative Yoga Therapy
IYTIt's Your Turn (gaming site)
IYTInternational Yachtmaster Training Inc.
IYTIn Yarraville Tonight (podcast)
IYTIndependent Youth Theatre (Dublin, Ireland)
IYTInapplicable You Too (Pearls Before Swine)
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Kristin Henningsen, MS, IYT, CH is a clinical herbalist, yoga therapist, writer, & educator, who first fell in love with plants in the desert southwest.
It was a prospective study undertaken to know the effect of IYT on blood sugar levels, glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c), and PFT parameters in 50 newly diagnosed patients of borderline NIDDM.
[2] Subjects were put on IYT for 60 min a day, 5 days a week for 3 months under supervision of yoga expert.
Aim of this study was to demonstrate the effect of IYT on blood sugar levels, HbA1c and PFT parameters.
The participants were subjected to IYT in prescribed format for 3 months by trained yoga teacher.
Tortola Sailing School prides itself on the staff's personal approach to students, friendly ASA and IYT certified instructors and the high standard of training.
In this paper we report the findings of a preliminary analysis of the IYT programme using officially recorded data from a sample of 237 teachers who were provided with the IYT programme during 2010-2011 in the first stage of the Ministry of Education's roll out of this programme as part of the PB4L strategy.
To conduct before and after comparisons of teacher assessments of various aspects of behaviour management skills before and after the provision of the IYT programme.
The analysis is based on data obtained from a sample of 237 primary school teachers who were enrolled in an IYT course in 2010-2011 and who completed the evaluation forms.
Teachers enrolled in the IYT course attended a series of six one day workshops spread over a six month period followed by a 1 day refresher course approximately three months later.
Joseph Le Page is the founder and director of Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) and a pioneer in Yoga therapy training programs.
The overall purpose of this IES-funded Goal 3 study, now entering its third year, is to evaluate the efficacy of Incredible Years Teacher program (IYT) for improving K-2 students' academic achievement, attention, and social-emotional competence.